ixo (Impact Hub) Account Address

We suggest that you use the Keplr chrome browser extension for creating your ixo Testnet and Impact Hub account address. The web wallet can be downloaded from this link and should be installed in a chrome browser. See this article for further instructions on how to do this.

After installing your Keplr wallet, Go to this page where you will click on  Keplr under Connect my Wallet.

You will be prompted to accept the ixo Impact Hub network to be added to your Keplr wallet.

Click 'Approve'

If this is the first time you are setting up your Keplr wallet, you will be prompted to create your keys using a newly-generated secret phrase.

You also have the option of importing your secret phrase from another wallet, or to get your keys from a Ledger hardware device which has the Cosmos app installed.

After completing these wallet setup steps, you will find your ixo Account Address in the Keplr wallet under ixo(Impact Hub).

Copy your address and paste this into the relevant Earth State Drop claim form field.

Welcome to the Internet of Impact! What will you do next?

🦋 Bonus IXO offer

You may wish to purchase additional IXO tokens at 10% discount on the publicly traded price directly from ixo.world for a minimum purchase value of $1,000, paid in USDC. This requires creating an account with KYC verification.

Trade your IXO

You will find an IXO:ATOM pool on the Cosmos Gravity DEX, launching in the first week of September, available through Emeris.

Delegate your IXO

After you have received your IXO airdrop, you can choose to delegate your tokens to validator nodes in the Internet of Impact Hub and receive staking rewards.

Stake your IXO to vote

Starting in September, when the Intenet of Impact Launchpad goes live, IXO token-holders will have the opportunity to vote for Launchpad candidates.

The Launchpad will feature candidate Market Relayers who are building impact economy platforms on the Internet of Impact.

Voting Rewards

During each voting epoch, token-holders will have the opportinity to vote for the candidates of their choice, by staking IXO tokens. If a candidate is selected, voters will receive up to 20% bonus yield of IXO tokens. The earlier you vote, the greater the reward!

Look out for the launchpad announcement in the Earth State Report email newsletter.

Join the Launchpad

If your are interested to find out more about joining the Internet of Impact Launchpad as a Market Relayer, Oracle service provider, Investment Portfolio Manager, application developer, or other solution-provider, please complete this onboarding form.

Get rewarded for sharing

Invite your friends and followers to join Earth State. When any of your referrals subscribes to a paid membership plan you will receive a bonus referral reward of  50 IXO Tokens for each Annual Plan subscription, or 10 IXO for each Monthly Plan subscription.

Remember that up to the end of September 2021, if your friends and followers are amongst the first 1,500 new subscribing members, they will be eligible to receive a token airdrop from ixo.world of up to 1,000 IXO!

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