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A member-driven information sharing platform for the Tokenized Impact Economy. Hosted by ixo

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Are you ready to participate in the  tokenised Impact Economy?

This is the People's Money revolution.  Using the power of sovereign, trusted, decentralised digital technologies, we have the potential to create positive change in the social, environmental, economic, and climate state of planet Earth.

Don't miss out on the opportunity become a stakeholder and investor in the tokenized Impact Economy.

Earth State

Earth State, hosted by ixo, is a member-driven knowledge sharing platform for the Tokenised Impact Economy which aims to become the leading source of market intelligence, education, and thought-leadership on sustainable, regenerative DeFi, and impact verification.

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*You may choose to purchase additional IXO tokens through the ixo sales portal (which requires additional identity verification), or through decentralised exchanges such as the Cosmos Gravity DEX, using Emeris.