Earth State Membership

Earth State Membership

As a member of Earth State – an Earth States-person, you join a community of people and organisations who believe that trusted digital technologies can be used responsibly and widely adopted, to grow a citizen-centric tokenised Impact Economy, which will become a powerful force for sustainable prosperity and planetary regeneration.

Earth State is a member-driven communication platform, still in early development, with a visionary roadmap to build a powerful decentralised knowledge economy, running on the Internet of Impact.

We believe Earth State will become a movement-building enabler for the Interchain Earth Program.

The Earth State Newsletter is free for anyone to subscribe and will provide regular updates on Earth State changes, announcements, news and events.

If you are a subscriber who wants to deepen your understanding of the rapidly-emerging Tokenised Impact Economy, to connect with earth mission leaders, and to be the first to know about new opportunities, we invite you to become an Earth State Member.

To express your interest in joining as a partner of the Interchain Earth Mission, please complete this onboarding form.

Membership benefits  

Earth State Members receive the members-only Earth State Briefing and a great package of membership perks, which includes:

  • Token Airdrops from projects which are aligned with the Interchain Earth Mission. Starting with an allocation of up to 1,000 IXO Tokens for new subscribers.
  • A unique Earth State Token (NFT) digital passport, with your self-sovereign digital identifier and digital credentials, giving you access to inclusive services and investment offers through the Internet of Impact.
  • Your Personal Impact Mission project, which will be hosted free on the ixo Internet of Impact Launchpad, with 12 months of private data storage in your preferred geographic region.
  • The Earth State Members private Discord channel, where you can connect with fellow members, meet Earth Mission pioneers and arrange private consultations with project leaders.
  • With more benefits and perks continually being added!

🔮 Contribute to the Earth State Briefing

The Earth State Briefing is a weekly members-only newsletter which will offer valuable insights, in-depth market analysis, high-quality research reports, education, and early access to investment opportunities in the tokenised Impact Economy.

Your membership contributions will sponsor the work of top-notch researchers and writers who will bring you the Earth State Briefing.

If you would like to contribute your own thought-leadership, or have news to share, please check out our Submission guide.

Are you ready to join the Interchain Earth State Program?